All tracks for Summerset Festival - 2015

Play Order Track
0Agalloch- Limbs bassnectar remix
0Bassnectar & DC Breaks- Breathless
0Bassnectar feat Lafa Taylor- Speakerbox
0Bassnectar feat Simon Morel- Hold on
0Bassnectar- Falling
0Bassnectar- Freestyle
0Bassnectar- Into the sun
0Bassnectar- Loco Ono (jayceeoh remix)
0Bassnectar- Loco Ono (Stylust Beats & Bassnectar remix)
0Bassnectar- The Future (proper villans remix)
0Bassnectar- You and me w/ superstyling vocals
0Bassnectar- Zodgilla
0Big Makk- Jenga bassnectar edit
0Butch Clancy- Russian lullaby tease
0Diamond Messages- Liquid Summer
0Ex Machina movie opening
0Family photo
0FKA Twigs- water me
0G Jones & Bassnectar- Mystery spot
0Gnar Gnar & Bassnectar- Generate
0Grimes- Genesis bassnectar remix
0Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze vocal
0Kotchy- She made it easy (Son of Kick remix)
0Krafty Kuts- Pounding (Dityphonics remix)
0L D R U - The Tropics
0Le1f- 01 loop bassnectar edit
0Luzcid & Bassnectar- Science fiction
0Marshmello- Find Me
0Massive Attack- Risingson bassnectar remix
0Ming & FS- Retrace bassnectar remix
0Minnesota- Meow bassnectar VIP
0NastyNasty- The Goalie
0Nina Simone- Feeling good bassnectar remix
0Noisia & mayhem- Exodus
0O. (BIG MAKK remix)
0Professor Green & Lilly Allen- Just be good to green (camo and krooked remix)
0Purity Ring- Flood on the floor bassnectar remix
0Rick Ross - 'Royals' (Remix) ft Lorde
0Scissorkicks vs shut up & dance- Delamure bassnectar remix
0Sole and JC - What it is (Alice in Wonderland Loop)
0Sound Remedy- Chiarasco
0The XX- Angels
0TNGHT- Acrylics