All tracks for Basscenter XI (Night 2) - 2018

Play Order Track
1Gene Wilder - Pure imagination
2Kelis - Brave (Gemini remix) (Ben Samples + Stephen Jacobs - Nano puppy sample mashed in)
3Estelle - Freak (TC Remix)
4Mad lion Ft. KRS One - Double trouble (Chop shop remix)
5Stagga - Acidicts (Remix)
6Excision - Heavy artillery (Skism remix)
7Bassnectar - Probable cause VIP
8Vent - Smokescreen (intro)
9Sine here - My life
10Jantsen - When the beat drops (Bassnectar remix)
11Bassnectar + Digital Ethos - Slather (Lyrics mashed in "deliver the bomb East to west")
126blocc - Legalize It
13Mastadon - Decimate
14Sharps - My little pony
15Rusko - High (Bassnectar remix) (Max Romero - Chasing the devil lyrics)
16Bassnectar - Butterfly VIP
17Distorted Minds - T-10 (Gangster step mix intro)
18Bassnectar - Speakerbox
19Dub foundation - Time to burn (Drumstep mix Intro tease)
20Eptic - Death (Code:Pandorum - The Order) (Speakerbox lyrics mashed into)
21Klute - 174BPM
22Rick Ross - Royals (Bassnectar bootleg)
23Twisted Individual - Heavy Metal (Crystal Clear Moshpit Remix)
24DJ SS - Came to entertain (Subzero remix)
25DC Breaks - Taken VIP
26Knife party - Boss mode
27Bassnectar - Upside down
28DJ Kentaro - Tasogare Highway High (Bass wanna be a singer)
29Crywolf - Rising rising (Bassnectar remix)
30Bassnectar - Boombox (Son of kick remix - intro)
31Bassnectar - Boombox
32Redfoo - Brand new day (VINAI remix) (Nas - The world is yours + Don't hate the 808 lyrics)
33Psymbionic - One thing (Bassnectar remix)
34Pharoah monch - Simon says (Slugabed remix) (Live mashed samples and slowed down)
35Gesaffelstein - Hexifornia
36Run DMT - Barakas theme (David Seied - A.R.F. lyrics)
37Danny Breaks - Duck rock (Bassnectar - Backpack rehab lyrics)
38Track ID?
39David Banner - Play
40Bassnectar - Dubuasca 2015
41Electoral College Speech (Ted Nugent - I still believe troll)
42Bassnectar - Leprechauns arise (Bassnectar Remix)
43The Beatles - LSD (Bassnectar remix)
44Jayglo - Rope closer
45Culprate - Finger
46Leopold S?affole - Le Beut Veut Danser
47Tipper - Whomi (Bassnectar Remix?)
48Bassnectar - Whiplash
49Bassnectar + G Jones - Underground
50Ill Gates - Open your eyes
51The Doors - This is the end