All tracks for Electric Forest (Weekend 1) - 2018

Play Order Track
1The Pixies - Where is my mind? (Maxence Cyrin remix)
2The Pixies - Where is my mind? (Bassnectar remix) (Bassnectar - Loco ono lyrics mashed in)
3Purity ring - Flood on the floor (Bassnectar remix)
4Bassnectar - Pennywise tribute (Lyrics mashed in ID?)
5Blokhe4d - Gutter queen (Intro)
6Lloyd banks - Beamer benz or bently (Skeet skeet remix)
7Blank ID?
8Ampersand - The Ruckus (Highbloo remix)
9Rollz - Plugged in (Bassnectar remix)
10Pendulum - Witchcraft (Rob swire drumstep mix)
11Massive attack - Risingson (Bassnectar remix) (California swag district - Teach me lyrics mashed in)
12Young signorino - Mmh ha ha ha
13California swag district - Teach me (Terravita remix)
14Zen - Your shout
15Reso - Cowbells from hell
16Creaky jackals - Kiss
17Kromestar - The Progress
18Bassnectar + Dorfex bos - Other worlds
196blocc - Jeep music (Played backwards)
20Bassnectar - I am a laser
21Dusk + Blackdown - Kuri pataka
22Ed solo - Egyptian horns (Bassnectar remix) (Some wizardry on slowing / speeding up track)
23Emalkay - Fabrication
24Loadstar - Black and white (Nick thayer - Just let it go lyrics)
25Bassnectar + ATLiens - Interlock
26DMVU - Bloccd (ID "Get down" lyrics)
27Protohype - Say my name (Easy-E - The muthaphukkin real)
28Benga - I will never change (Bassnectar Remake)
29Blame - Star (Doctor P remix) (Mashup track?)
30Raffertie - Eyes closed
31Mims - This is why I'm hot Instrumental (Sister Nancy - Bam Bam samples) (Dawn Penn - No no no lyrics) (Other sample mashed in?) (Z-Trip Mashup)
32Family photo (Kramphaft - Twin prime Intro loop)
33Kramphaft - Twin prime
34Hoverboots - The Grid (DZ - "Break it down" + ID - "buck shot" lyrics)
35Track ID?
36A-Trak + AraabMuzik + Ape Drums - Action (Bassnectar remix) (Lyrics ID?)
37Ray volpe - Spirit squad
38Bassnectar + Gnar gnar - Generate
39Bassnectar + The Glitch Mob - Paracosm (Ariana Grande - Side to side Lyrics)
40Bassnectar + Gnar gnar - Whiplash (Unreleased) feat. Reeps One