All tracks for Float Fest - 2018

Play Order Track
1Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
2F.U.N - Bassnectar (w/ Uncle Murda - Warning acapella lyrics)
3Don't Hate the 808 - Bassnectar
4Bass Against the Machine - King Kong Bass
6( a couple more tracks played here)
7Noisia x Phace - Program (AWE bootleg) (Lyrics - "rewind the track make it slap again") **Please someone ID the song those lyrics are actually from.. **
8MIA - Paper planes (BN edit) (Nas - If i ruled the world acapella)
9Fixate - March on
10Ming x FS - Retrace (bn edit)
11Head Rip (This is a throwdown)
12Put it Down - Bassnectar x Excision (lyrics - amorphous form acapella)
13Was Will Be X TKO mashup - Bassnectar
14Upside Down (Bassnectar x Terravita edit)
15Kromestar -The Progress (I'm Up lyrics- acapella)
16ID - (lyrics Missy Elliot - Slide acapella)
17ID (In Yo Mouth lyrics - acapella - Nicki Minaj's verse)
18Fracture x Chimpo - From Early (It's Goin Down lyrics - acapella) ** Not actually sure this track was Fracture x Chimpo**
21Chee - genesism (w/ Lyrics - like a time machine acapella)
22Proxima- Ruff Scruff
23zndr - Diamonds
24Fryar x JusWayne - Augmented
25OMG - Ms Banks (Now - acapella)
26Disrupt the System - (full) Bassnectar
27Rossi B x Luca - Frequency 07
28Unitz - The drop
29Pyramid Juke - MXLLY (kryptonite acapella mixed in)
30Deadmau5 - Move For Me - GTA remix
31Family Photo
32Heavyweight Sound - BN x Jantsen
33Virtual riot - Show Up into
34Eliminate- Snake Bite VIP (Underground teaser)
36Hatch Hydraulix- Vibe machine (Underground teaser)