All tracks for Freestyle Sessions (Night 3) - 2018

Play Order Track
0Family Photo
1Lil Wayne - Up Up Away (Mashed with samples from: Bassnectar - Underground)
2Cardopusher - Homeless
3UZ - Without you (Bassnectar - Infrared lyrics)
4Sofie Letitre - Stranger (Former Remix)
5Lemay - Feel me
6Ahmad Mujeeb - ATB Flash X (Deon Custom Remix) (AZ's - Chilling, Brooklyn's Chilling lyrics)
7Bassnectar - Witch doctor 808
8Paris blohm - Let me go (Bassnectar - Cozza frenzy lyrics)
9Eliminate - Kingpin
10SMKSGNLS - Pyramid (DJ Pound remix)
11Moski - The Dopest (Cesqeaux Remix) (Intro)
12Dubloadz - Whats poppin? VIP
13London Nebel - Confusion
14Conrank - Lose the plot (Bassnectar rework)
15Bassnectar + Jantsen - Heavyweight Sound (unreleased)
16Sublime - Doin time
17San holo - Victory (Mashed w Sound remedy?)
18ZEE - Inner G
19Pigeon hole - Next level
20Noisia + Phace - Program (AWE Bootleg)
21Bentz - Ducks VIP
22Fryar + JusWayne - Augmented
23Banganagangbangers - King Abbott (Bassneectar - Dont hate the 808 lyrics)
24Bassnectar - Skin (ID? Blank Mashed in) (About 50 min)
25Jade cicada - ID (Unreleased) (Mobb Deep - Got It Twisted)
26Bentz - Bounce house (Intro)
27Infuze + Bot - Analong ting
28Teddy killerz + Signal - Funky feeling
29Vorso - Needle
30Monuman - Rise
31Bassnectar - The Matrix (Tease)
32Command Q - Didgeridoo
33Jaguar skillz - Riot squad
34Dayle - I:D
35Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex cookies (Flako Omegaman remix
36Bassnectar - Arps of revolucion (Nas - One Mic lyrics)
37"Everyone have enough water?"
38"..Summertime.." (Sublime - Doin time)
39Deftones - My Own Summer (Bassnectar remix)
40Sibot - Row row (Bassnectar remix)
41Nick thayer - Just Let it Go (Mat the alien remix)
42Crookers - No security (Rustie remix instrumental) (BOB - Outta my mind lyrics)
43Bassnectar - Everybody (Bassnectar + Freq Nasty remix)
44Peekaboo - Wobbly
45Rude kid - Are you ready?
46J:Kenzo - Urban gorilla
47Bear pause - 808 City
48Chris Brown - Look at me now (Dillon Francis remix)
49Kryptic minds - Badman VIP
50Benga - 26 Basslines
51Eprom - Hendt
52Track ID? (Possible blank?)
53House of pain - Jump around (Jantsen remix)
54The Bloody Beetroots - Warp (Dirtyphonics remix)
55Skream - Sea sick
56Pyramid - Cruel (Skism remix)
57Gemini - Blue (Intro)
58Dev + The Cataracs - Bass down low (Proper Villians remix)
59Jeuce - Kiss (Zeds dead remix)
60Evol intent - Under (Dub mix)
61Track id?
62Vocal loop ID? (Mashed into first drop of Wildstyle method)
63Bassnectar - Wildstyle Method (Bassnectar - Bomb the blocks; lyrics mashed in)